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10 MORE Little-Known Inns In Idaho That Offer An Incredible Overnight Stay

Staying at a hotel during your Idaho travels can be luxurious, but sometimes you just want to feel a little more at home. While tacky wallpaper and store-bought muffins might come to mind when you think of a bed and breakfast, Idaho is full of cute and cozy B&Bs and inns that are modern, elegant, and offer a little something extra…no frumpy decor, here! Welcome to a new generation of inns and B&Bs that will offer you a scenic, romantic, and warm night’s stay with the personal touch your vacation deserves. Here are just a few more of Idaho’s best and favorite hotel alternatives.

So many places to visit, and so little time! Where are your favorite cozy inns and B&Bs to visit? Be sure to check out Part 1 of this list for more destination ideas.

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