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14 Photos That Prove Rural Connecticut Is The Best Place To Live

Rural Connecticut is not like the rest of Connecticut. It’s separate and quiet. And it offers an entirely different way of life. But I won’t bore you with words when there are visuals. I think rural Connecticut can speak for itself. So, without further delay, here are 14 photos to prove rural Connecticut is the best,and for the particularly stubborn, six reasons I’m completely serious about you moving away from the regular humdrum crowds and joining the rural family.

Since the Quiet Corner is the rural go-to for the Constitution State, here’s a quick video of the area’s fall season so you can see the allure for yourself.

Did you grow up in rural Connecticut? Or do you wish you did?

Taylor Ellis
Taylor loves restaurants by the water and a good slice of pizza. She believes that every day is a new opportunity for success. And for catching up on Netflix. You can follow her on Twitter @taylorjellis1