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What This Drone Footage Captured At This Abandoned Connecticut Facility Is Truly Grim

Do you recognize this place?

Do you recognize this place?

In Waterford, Connecticut stands the remnants of a medical facility known as Seaside. Over the course of its use, it has served as a sanatorium, a geriatric hospital, and a regional center. It treated children with tuberculosis, housed the elderly and provided care to the mentally challenged. But many state residents believe the building is haunted.

Despite its listing on the National Register of Historic Places, it can’t seem to escape the rumors and remains unrestored. The climbing vines, broken windows and sinking playground make you feel uneasy. But its seaside location, like a scene from Shutter Island, make you feel trapped. Watch as this video perfectly captures the mystery of Seaside’s past!

Eerily beautiful, and yet slightly off. Maybe a visit would clear the air? If you love drone footage, check out this awesome look at Hartford from the top, or discover another abandoned place!

Taylor Ellis
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