11 Winter Attractions For The Family In Wyoming That Don’t Involve Long Lines At The Mall

Every year, Wyomingites turn on the TV and get a glimpse of what the holiday season is like outside of our little slice of paradise. Crowded parades, long lines at the mall, Santas in every department store, and tons and tons of expensive presents piling up by the tree. Luckily, the holiday season (and winter in general) in Wyoming don’t really look like that. First of all, in order to have Mall Santas, you have to have malls… and there aren’t too many of those around here! Instead of posing for cheesy photos, Wyomingites tend to celebrate their winter downtime with family in a different way… by spending quality time experiencing this great state. If you’re looking for some winter adventures in Wyoming, here are 11 great ideas!

How do you spend your free time during the winter? Tell us about your favorite winter adventures in Wyoming in the comments below!