What Scientists Have Discovered About Wyoming’s Supervolcano Will Make You Sleep Better Tonight

Pessimists and Armageddon-mongers thrive on dire predictions that warn that Wyoming’s supervolcano can erupt at any moment. Considering such an event would spew enough ash to affect the entire North American Continent and pose serious, even fatal, health issues to all living creatures in Wyoming and the nearby states, it’s understandable that kind of talk causes anxiety.

Fortunately, science has stepped up and looked into the matter to see just how much of a threat our supervolcano is. What they discovered is certainly interesting, but it should also put your mind to rest.

Our supervolcano isn’t the only geothermal feature science is interested in lately. Researchers are also making breakthroughs on what makes Old Faithful tick. If you missed it, you can read our entire article here.