Our environment defines us. The land has carved our personalities and shaped our culture into what it is today, and if you’ve been living in Wyoming, chances are you know exactly what I mean! Like our wide open spaces, majestic scenery and peaceful landscapes, we are a proud, solitary, laid back group of individuals. However, there are some things that can really get us fired up. Here are 15 sure fire ways to make a Wyomingite mad – you might relate more than you want to admit.

If you’ve spent some time living in Wyoming, chances are you’re a little fired up just thinking about all of the above! Speaking of which, you might also want to check out 12 Sure Fire Ways To Spot A Tourist In Wyoming.

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What are the most beautiful places in Wyoming?
Everywhere you look, you'll find a beautiful view in Wyoming. In Grand Teton National Park, winding trails take you between towering peaks to discover hidden alpine lakes. In Yellowstone, remarkable thermal features create colorful pools of hot mineral water. In our national forests, waterfalls and forest trails create a shady oasis.

Do Wyomingites have any strange habits?
Wyomingites may have some habits that seem odd to outsiders. We leave our cars and doors unlocked, and we're always scanning the side of the road for antelope, mule deer, or elk as we drive. We carry bear spray anytime we're going off into the woods, and our cars look like they belong on the show Doomsday Preppers. It's okay, though, because once you spend some time out here, you really see what it's like to live a remote and peaceful lifestyle.

What is Wyoming known for?
Wyoming is known for being sparsely populated and absolutely full of natural beauty. You can drive for miles without seeing another person, but on that drive, chances are you'll encounter some incredible scenery - and a pronghorn or two! The Cowboy State is also known for being home to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park - two of the most popular preserves in the American National Parks System.