Wyoming has a lot to offer both its residents and visitors, whether you want to spend the day traveling back in time or just simply want to soak in the sights and sounds reverberating from nature. These unique day trips in Wyoming provide something for everyone.

There’s no shortage of day trips in Wyoming. What are the best day trips in Wyoming that you have enjoyed? Share a few in the comments! For more worthwhile trips, check out these 10 incredible trips in Wyoming that will change your life.

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Day Trips Near You In Wyoming

Where can I find day trips near me in Wyoming?

A few day trips that may be near you in Wyoming include:


It's so easy to find fun in Wyoming! If you're into outdoor recreation, Wyoming is home to 12 state parks, so you'll find a great adventure just about anywhere you look. Beer aficionados will enjoy touring our state's breweries, like Black Tooth Brewing and Ten Sleep Brewery - both of which can be found in charming towns that are packed with history, so they make for great day trip destinations. If you're looking for a shorter, family-friendly day trip in Wyoming, head to Cody, where you can take a fun trolley tour and then watch the wild-west shootout before dinner at the historic Irma Hotel.

What are some beautiful, must-visit places in Wyoming?

Some of the most beautiful must-visit places in Wyoming include:


It's hard to top the Beartooth Highway when it comes to the most stunning must-visit places in Wyoming. Over the course of about 70 miles, you see stunning mountains, remote alpine lakes, parts of Montana and Wyoming, and all sorts of wildlife and flora. Other amazing must-see places in Wyoming include the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite and Shell Falls, Afton's Intermittent Spring, and the hot springs of Thermopolis.

Where can you find the best state parks in Wyoming?

Some of the best state parks in Wyoming include:


While Wyoming's National Parks get a lot of attention, there are a few state parks that really deserve a visit. Keyhole State Park and Guernsey State Park are two underrated spots with gorgeous reservoirs. Sinks Canyon State Park is a ridiculously cool park that offers camping, Yurts, hiking, canyon views, and oh, yeah, a river that disappears under the Earth, only to reappear upstream. All of Wyoming's state parks have one thing in common - absolutely stunning scenery.

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