There’s No House In The World Like This One In Wyoming

There’s no way to rationalize the construction of this eccentric house in the Cowboy State. This whimsical home, known as the Smith Mansion, is located in Wapiti Valley, Wyoming, where it sits on a hill overlooking the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway. There is no house like this one in Wyoming as the house is made of logs gathered from Rattle Snake Mountain and features five stories of bumpy slide-like staircases, balconies, and unfinished rooms. It is incredible and unique architecture in Wyoming.

Construction on this house began in 1980. It was built by engineer Francis Lee Smith. Smith spent 12 years working on his 5-story dream home for his wife and three children. He was obsessed with the building of the house and worked on it every moment that he wasn’t at work. Apparently, his building obsession led to a divorce from his wife. Unfortunately, he fell to his death while working on one of the balconies during strong winds.

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Every phase of the house was built on a whim. There were no blueprints or house plans, therefore, the house lacked many essential features. The house had no electricity, instead, it was powered by a generator and the only heat source was a wood stove. Interestingly enough, there were also no designated bedrooms for him or his children. Who knows how long this endless construction would have continued if not for his untimely death.

Despite the unique and large design of the home, it sat empty with no occupants for many years. The house is located on private property and tours are not available. However, you can view the unique architecture from the road. There truly is no house like this one in Wyoming.

Have you ever driven by this popular landmark in the Cowboy State? If so, what was your first impression of this house like this one in Wyoming?

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Address: 2891-, 2903 N Fork Hwy, Cody, WY 82414, USA
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no house like this one in WY

June 15, 2021

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