Time Stands Still Along This 175-Year-Old Wyoming Trail

Wyoming is known for its place in history during the early days of the nation when much of the country was still undiscovered. Most people traveling west during the 1800s came right through the Cowboy State, and many stopped and settled here.

Countless others traveled on to find their fortunes and destinies even further west but, whether they stayed or moved on, those early pioneers all had one thing in common. It was the Oregon Trail that brought them here and led them on to Oregon. Amazingly enough, though it was over 175 years ago that emigrants began their trek, the path still exists today, frozen in time and offering a glimpse into an epic piece of Wyoming and American history.

Have you walked in the wagon ruts near Guernsey or visited one of the registers of the desert?

What part of the Oregon Trail experience in Wyoming is your favorite?