The Story Behind This Haunted Fort In Wyoming Is Truly Creepy

It seems like hauntings are always tied to history; spirits from the past coming back to visit the inhabitants of their old stomping grounds. Therefore, I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised that this old Fort in Wyoming, which is now a National Historic Site, is thought to be haunted by not one but a whole host of ghosts.

There also have been sightings of ghosts outside of the buildings. Some of these apparitions include a young man in a raincoat, a surgeon in a blood-covered uniform, a headless man near Deer Creek, and an erratic Civil War soldier who has been spotted southeast of the fort.

Here’s a great video of haunted Fort Laramie by YouTube user, 101.9 King FM – Cheyenne’s Real Rock Variety.

Have you ever encountered any ghosts at Fort Laramie or anywhere else in Wyoming?

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