This Distillery Is The Oldest in Wyoming And They Make the Best Bourbon This Side of Kentucky

Quality craft bourbon is growing in popularity across the country, and distilleries are popping up everywhere. You could say they’re the breweries of the next generation, opening their doors to the public and offering tours and tastings.

Wyoming has its own namesake whiskey, produced at the oldest distillery in the state. Although it’s relatively new compared to other distilleries across the country, it is the first one to open its doors since prohibition. Plus, it puts out the smoothest bourbon this side of Kentucky.

Have you toured the distillery in Kirby? What did you find most interesting about the experience?

The address for the Kirby Distillery in Wyoming is: 100 S Nelson St, Kirby, WY 82430

It seems the Cowboy State really knows how to do adult beverages right. When you’re finished with your tour of Wyoming Whiskey, why not drop in at the very best brewery in the state?

Address: 100 S Nelson St, Kirby, WY 82430, USA