The Most Scenic Drive In America Can Be Found On Wyoming’s Highway 212

Sometimes you just want to hop in the car, sit back, relax and enjoy the view. When you live way out here in the Cowboy State, that’s pretty easy to do! With all the beautiful scenery, Wyoming is one of the best states to explore on a long and scenic drive. In fact, traveling CBS journalist, Charles Kuralt, called one of our highways “the most beautiful drive in America.” Gas up the car, gather your family, and head out on the most scenic drive in Wyoming.

Here’s a very informative video put out by the U.S. Forest Service Department of Agriculture.

For other scenic drives scattered throughout the Cowboy State, check out 12 Beautiful Byways In Wyoming Perfect For A Scenic Drive and plan your next alpine adventure.

Address: Beartooth Highway, Wyoming 82414, USA
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scenic drive in Wyoming

May 15, 2020

What are the best road trips through Wyoming?

If you’re looking for natural beauty, traveling Wyoming’s scenic byways offers an unbelievable way to see the Cowboy State. The Beartooth Highway, Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, Snowy Range Scenic Byway and the roads that take you around Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are remarkable and unforgettable.

What are the most charming small towns in Wyoming?

You can easily find charming and scenic small towns in Wyoming. Make plans to visit Centennial, Daniel, South Pass City, and Pinedale to see some of the most charming spots around for yourself.

What one-of-a-kind destinations can I visit in Wyoming?

Wyoming is home to some of the most unique landscapes on Earth. The otherworldly Devils Tower is so bizarre that many think of it as an alien landscape. Yellowstone National Park sits on top of an enormous caldera, and the park is home to the world’s largest concentration of thermal features. The staggering mountains in Grand Teton National Park are among the most recognized silhouettes in the world. There is plenty of Native American history here, too – you can visit Castle Garden Petroglyphs near Rock Springs, or hike to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel to see for yourself.

Address: Beartooth Highway, Wyoming 82414, USA