The Incredible Wyoming Restaurant That’s Way Out In The Boonies But So Worth The Drive

OK, it’s true. Almost everywhere in Wyoming is remote, but some places are further away than others from what out-of-staters consider civilization.

The ultra-rural area about 11 miles west of Pinedale is an ideal example. Situated at the junction where US-191 joins US-189, Daniel is as in the middle of nowhere as a place could get. Plus, it’s not even a town; it is merely a census-designated area with less than 200 residents. Still, the people living there as well as the travelers passing through deserve and appreciate great food, so it’s a good thing the Den is there. Offering better food than many restaurants in larger cities along with superb atmosphere, the Den may be out in the boonies, but it is SO worth the drive.

Have you eaten at the Den? What other remote Wyoming restaurants are amazing enough to make you drive miles and miles?