The Best Doughnut Shop In The State Is Hiding In This Tiny Wyoming Town

You can buy doughnuts by the dozen at any supermarket, but if you want to experience an honest-to-goodness tasty treat, you need to find a shop that specializes in the deep-fried delicacies. Doughnut shops aren’t as abundant or easy to find as they were in the past, but there’s still an exceptional one hiding in the mountains of Wyoming.

Delish Doughnuts is tucked away in the tiny town of Alpine, just across the Idaho/Wyoming border in the foothills at the south end of the Snake River Canyon. It’s certainly an out-of-the-way place, but for those who appreciate especially delicious doughnuts, it’s worth every mile and minute to make the trip.

Have you stopped in Alpine for coffee and a doughnut? What is your favorite Delish treat?

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