If You Didn’t Know About These 6 Swimming Holes In Wyoming, They’re A Must Visit

There’s nothing like taking a dip in one of our state’s many pristine swimming holes. Here are six swimming holes in Wyoming that you will want to check out. Always be sure to obey all signs and know the temperature of the water before entering! You never know, so please exercise caution. Which of these delightful places to go natural springs swimming in Wyoming are your favorites?

Do you know of any other swimming holes in Wyoming that are safe to soak in? Tell us all about your favorites in the comments!

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Hot Springs You Can Swim in Near Yellowstone

May 06, 2022

Where are the best waterfalls in Wyoming?  


With more than 500 amazing waterfalls scattered all over the state, Wyoming is a waterfall chaser’s dream come true. Of those 500 waterfalls in Wyoming, almost 50 are located within the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. The cascades at Yellowstone are surreal in their beauty, and we do have a few favorites to share. Head to the amazing Terraced Falls for a time you won’t soon forget, or make the trek to either the Upper Falls or the Lower Falls of Yellowstone River. Some waterfalls plunge into delightful pools you’re welcome to dip your toes into, and others are mostly inaccessible and are best seen from a distance. No matter what, though, these incredible Wyoming waterfalls are a sight to behold.  

Are there any cool waterfalls you can swim at in Wyoming 

As we alluded to above, yes, there most certainly are waterfalls you can swim at in Wyoming. A couple of our go-to spots for those warm days when we feel like taking a refreshing dip include:

  • Porcupine Falls, which is a 70+ foot tall cascade careening from a canyon and into a refreshing pool, which is quite the popular swimming hole in Wyoming. Chances are you won’t be alone for that one!
  • The geothermally warmed Ouzel Pool, which is fed by a secondary waterfall in close proximity to Union Falls.  


Where are the best swimming holes in Wyoming? 

Speaking of Wyoming swimming holes, did you know there are tons of hot springs in Wyoming – or somewhat hot springs, depending on where you go – that make for excellent swimming holes? It’s true! Check out: