You’ll Have A Blast When You Hit The Trails With Snowshoes At Bradley and Taggart Lakes In Wyoming

Wyoming is truly a special place. We have beautiful summers and…. winter. A whole¬†lot of winter. So much winter, in fact, that if you don’t like the cold, you’ll never make it here! For those of us who don’t mind bundling up in Carhartts and snow pants, though, there’s a whole new world to discover when the powder begins to fall. If you’ve never tried snowshoeing in Wyoming, this winter is the perfect time to start.

If you’re up for a winter trekking challenge, try cross country skiing to Granite Hot Springs.¬†This Primitive Hot Springs Trail In Wyoming Is Everything You Need This Winter.

Address: Bradley Lake, Wyoming 83414, USA
Address: Taggart Lake, Wyoming, USA
Address: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA