Pick Up The Best Food In The Middle Of Nowhere At Wyoming’s Sweet Water Smoke

If there’s one trait that can unite most Wyomginites, it’s that we’re carnivores. When you live out near the open range in a place nicknamed the Cowboy State, it’s almost a given that you’ll love steak, brisket, chicken, and sausages. That being said, it can be hard to find a smokehouse instead of a steakhouse out here. If you’re looking for the best barbecued meats in town, head to a tiny smokehouse in Sweetwater County that’s worth the drive from anywhere.

Treat yourself to a slow-smoked meal this week – you deserve it! Sweet Water Smoke has limited seating, so be prepared to order your food to-go and find a nice picnic spot nearby, or take it home to share with family.

Address: Sweet Water Smoke, 5 Basco Ave, Farson, WY 82932, USA