This Small Wyoming City Was Just Ranked One Of The Best Places To Live In The Entire Country

Small towns are trending, and Wyoming has plenty of them. In addition to room to breathe, each and every one of them come with short commutes, more affordable cost of living, and a safe, neighborly home-town feel you just don’t get in the big city.

When you’ve decided to give small town living in Wyoming a try, the next big decision is which little city to settle in. Fortunately, the research has already been done for you. When Wallethub looked for the best small towns in the country, Casper came up number one in the state. It’s bigger than most of our small towns but still little enough to provide everything you’re looking for in a “fun-size” city.

What do you love about Casper? What other small Wyoming town would you put on the list of best places to live?