The Grand Prismatic Hot Spring Trail Might Be One Of The Most Beautiful Short-And-Sweet Hikes To Take In Wyoming

Wyoming has its fair share of long hikes – and don’t get us wrong, an all-day trek is exactly what you need sometimes – but often, the opposite is true. If you’re craving a short and sweet hike, look no further than Grand Prismatic Hot Spring Trail at Yellowstone. It’s quick, easy, and it’s one of the best hikes in Wyoming, leading to a breathtaking natural wonder.

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Have you ever hiked the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring Trail? If so, we’d love to hear all about your experience! Let us know, and check out our previous article for another easy hike: Mouth Of The Canyon Trail Is An Easy Hike In Wyoming That Takes You To Unforgettable Views.

Address: Yellowstone National Park, United States
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Best Hikes In Wyoming

April 08, 2022

What are some kid-friendly hikes around Wyoming?

Hiking with kids can be challenging, but you have plenty of options for family-friendly hikes in Wyoming! The Cottonwood Creek Dinosaur Trail in Alcova is a blast for kids who love dinosaurs. You’ll get to see ancient fossils along a moderately challenging loop trail that also has interpretive signage to help bring an educational facet to your trek. Tower Falls is another great option, located in Yellowstone National Park. It’s only a mile long and leads to a beautiful waterfall. Twin Lakes Trail in Medicine Bow National Forest is a little longer at 3.2 miles, but it’s a scenic, mostly flat route that features lakes, towering spruce trees, and wildflowers in the summertime. For more, check out our list of these five easy hikes in Wyoming you can do with kids.

What are some of the most scenic hikes in Wyoming?

Wyoming is brimming with beauty everywhere you look, and it doesn’t get much more scenic than at its national parks. Lupine Meadows Trail in Grand Teton National Park offers lovely views of the Tetons as you walk through meadows of beautiful wildflowers, which bloom in the spring and summertime. Cascade Canyon Trail, also in Grand Teton National Park, is a popular route for a reason, with stunning views everywhere you look. It’s a moderately challenging route at around 9.1 miles, so be ready for some strenuous hiking.

In Yellowstone National Park, the Old Faithful Geyser Loop Trail is, of course, a can’t-miss trail. It’s relatively easy at only 0.7 miles, and there are benches in front of Old Faithful so you can sit back and enjoy watching the geyser erupt. This is a boardwalk trail and it’s wheelchair accessible. For a much longer hike, try the nearly 15-mile Heart Lake Trail in Yellowstone, a thickly forested trail with a lake and spectacular views. Explore more of the best trails in Wyoming with our guide.

Address: Yellowstone National Park, United States