This Wyoming Seafood Spot Offers Fresh Food Flown In From The Coast

Afton, Wyoming is a charming small town in the Star Valley. It’s known for being home to the world’s largest antler arch and an intermittent waterfall that turns off and on like a faucet!┬áIt’s also a good town for foodies, because you can find delicious chocolates and truffles at Star Valley Chocolate and fresh seafood – right here in the Rockies! Rocky Mountain Seafood is the best restaurant in Afton, and it flies in seafood from the coast to make sure the freshest fish in the state is right here in the valley.

Despite being a landlocked state, Wyoming can serve up some amazing seafood, if you know where to look! Head to Afton and have a great meal with fresh flown-in seafood and you’ll hardly believe you’re here in the Cowboy State.

Address: Rocky Mountain Seafood, 492 Washington St, Afton, WY 83110, USA