Watching Snow Fall From This One Hot Spring Resort In Wyoming Is Basically Heaven

Winter getaways in Wyoming don’t have to be all about bundling up and hitting the slopes. For a more relaxing getaway, try visiting one of the remarkable, world-class hot springs in Wyoming instead. You can stay toasty warm while still enjoying the beauty and stillness of a fresh blanket of snow. Visit the Saratoga Hot Springs to see what heaven on earth is truly like.

This hot springs resort in Wyoming is located at 601 East Pic Pike Rd., Saratoga, WY, 82331. You can book the most relaxing getaway of your life on the Saratoga Hot Springs website. You’ll absolutely fall in love with this resort and spa, and you’ll want to return again and again!

For more ways to keep warm in a brutal Wyoming winter, check out The World’s Largest Hot Spring, located in the small town of Thermopolis.

Address: 601 Pic Pike Rd, Saratoga, WY 82331, USA
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Hot Springs Resort In Wyoming

February 05, 2022

What are the best hot springs resorts in Wyoming?

Wyoming has numerous hot springs peppered throughout the state. If you’re the type who would like to visit more than one on the same trip, consider taking our Wyoming Hot Springs Road Trip For The Ultimate Adventure. This trip is 700 miles, so it’s best to be done over the course of a few days. You’ll visit Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Hobo Pool in Saratoga, Saratoga Hot Springs Resort (mentioned in the article above), Granite Hot Springs near Jackson Hole, Kelly Warm Springs, and, finally, Yellowstone National Park! If you don’t want to do that much driving on a road trip, a visit to any one of these hot springs resorts in Wyoming will be a relaxing adventure.

What are the most unique winter getaways in Wyoming?

Aside from spending time at a hot springs resort, Wyoming offers many other adventures during the winter. How about a visit to Grand Teton National Park? Here you can go cross-country skiing, hiking, or snowshoeing while surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery the state has to offer. Or how about a trip to Fremont Lake? When frozen over and conditions permit, visitors can go ice skating and play hockey. It’s quite a treat to visit a natural ice rink, isn’t it?

Where can I go snow tubing in Wyoming?

Snow tubing is quite a popular activity during the winter months and Wyoming has several snow tubing runs you should try. Read our article, 3 Snow Tubing Courses In Wyoming That Will Give You The Thrill Of A Lifetime, to get you started.

Address: 601 Pic Pike Rd, Saratoga, WY 82331, USA