9 Of The Best Road Trips Through Wyoming That Show Off The Beauty Of The State

If you’re looking for a great excuse to travel in Wyoming, gather your friends and hit the road to see the beauty and wonder of the Cowboy State in so many different ways! We’ve compiled our list of the best road trips through Wyoming, and you’ll want to plan a few of them for the year ahead.

In each road trip’s description, you’ll find a link to our original article, which has all the details (including a detailed map with route-specific instructions). Get out there and have some fun!

What do you think the best road trips through Wyoming show off about the Cowboy State? Let’s chat about these beautiful destinations in the comments below.

Address: Wyoming, USA
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best road trips through wyoming

April 22, 2020

What is the most scenic town in Wyoming?

When it comes to a town that’s completely surrounded by natural beauty, you’ll find paradise in Centennial. This quiet, tiny town is tucked away in the Snowy Range and provides access to thousands of miles of trails. In the winter, you can head out on a snowmobile to see the true wonder of the Snowy Range.

Where is the creepiest ghost town in Wyoming?

It’s hard to beat the ghost town of Gebo when it comes to eerie feelings in Wyoming. This supposedly haunted town is almost completely demolished – but a few buildings and a graveyard full of child graves keep the spirits from leaving.

What are the most well known parks in Wyoming?

Wyoming is famous for its two national parks – Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park was the first one designated as such in the world, and it draws millions of visitors each year. Grand Teton is often underrated by those who visit to see geysers and hot pots of Park County, but if you love mountains, hiking, and alpine lakes, it’s paradise.

Address: Wyoming, USA