Wyoming’s Niagara Falls Is Too Beautiful For Words

Wyoming is home to plenty of stunning waterfalls – all it takes is one trip to the western side of the state to find that out first hand! While tourists flock to Yellowstone or the Tetons to catch a great fall, other Wyomingites head towards Bighorn National Forest. Here, you’ll find two of the most beautiful, impressive falls in the entire country. No need to plan a trip to Niagara when you live in the Cowboy State!

You can find directions to both of these stunning falls right here. While most people can hike to both waterfalls in one day, you can also camp overnight and turn these treks into weekend adventures.

All told, a day exploring Bighorn National Forest’s stunning falls is a day that you won’t soon forget. In fact, many people prefer the serenity and isolation of these stunning natural wonders to the more popular falls in Yellowstone or even the mighty Niagara. What do you think?

While you’re in the area, you might want to visit the sacred site at the Big Horn Medicine Wheel. It’s only a short drive from the falls!