Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge Is A Little-Known Park In Wyoming That Is Perfect For Your Next Outing

Wyoming may only have a dozen state parks to its name, but we pack an unbelievable amount of beauty and recreation opportunities into each of them! Add to that our national parks, protected areas, historic sites, and the expansive beauty that stretches for miles in between, and it’s clear that the wild and magnificent landscape of our incredible state is something to be treasured.

Of course, some of Wyoming’s most jaw-dropping places have already made names for themselves as must-sees, like Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. Thanks to their beautiful waterfalls, dramatic vistas, impressive geologic features, and more, it’s no surprise that these parks are popular. But there is plenty of other little-known state and city parks in Wyoming that are worthy of some love… like Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge! Though it’s one of our state’s most overlooked park areas, Pathfinder is overflowing with natural beauty, wildlife, and – best of all – crowd-free peace and quiet. Here’s why Pathfinder NWR is the perfect place for your next adventure in the heart of Wyoming:

For a visit beyond Wyoming’s infamous crowned jewels and into the untapped and uncrowded gems of our state, we think Pathfinder NWR is the perfect place to explore year-round! If you’ve ever paid a visit, let us know what you thought! Or, if you’re ready to pay a visit, you can find more info here. Pathfinder is open from half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset.

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Address: Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge, Alcova, WY 82620, USA