Wyoming is home to unsurpassed natural beauty, and while there are some jaw-dropping landscapes that can only be seen via strenuous hiking trails, there are others that simply require a vehicle – as well as a camera and a killer driving playlist. There are countless incredible scenic drives across the beautiful state of Wyoming, but they are not all created equal. The Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway is an underrated trek that is one of the best scenic drives in Wyoming, and maybe even the entire United States!

Have you ever driven along the stunning Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway?  What about these 12 beautiful byways? Share your favorite scenic drives near Cody, Wyoming or the rest of the state with us in the comments! If you decide to take your drive further, don’t forget to use our extremely helpful ultimate road trip packing list!

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Best Scenic Drives In Wyoming

Where are some of the best views in Wyoming?  

Wyoming has no shortage of incredible views, awe-inspiring vistas, beautiful overlooks, and more. Thanks to its being a particularly mountainous state, there are many opportunities to overlook something (or somewhere) amazing. For example:

  • For a wonderful view of one of the most ridiculously beautiful mountain ranges in North America, head to Signal Mountain at Grand Teton National Park. There, you’ll find Jackson Point Overlook, which is well worth the effort.
  • Snake River Overlook is another great one; this view might look familiar to some, as it was the incredible view made famous by photographer Ansel Adams of Jackson Hole and the Snake River as it weaves through the Tetons.
  • Check out Oxbow Lake Overlook for more epic views of the Tetons as well as Oxbow Bend, also along the Snake River.  


What are some awesome scenic drives near me?  

Did we mention that Wyoming is an epic state for folks who love scenic drives? Because seriously – it's an EPIC state for folks who love scenic drives. There are many to choose from, but we do have some favorites, no matter how long you’d like to be on the road for.

  • The Beartooth Scenic Byway is the highest paved primary road in all of Wyoming, and it extends for 47 miles.
  • The Cloud Peak Skyway Scenic Byway is the same length and is the awe-inspiring southernmost route into the Big Horn Mountains. That highway is also known as the US-16, so keep that in mind when navigating.
  • For longer scenic drives (our favorite!), check out the Star Valley Scenic Byway for all kinds of awesome views of everything from wilderness to rivers and mountains and more; it stretches for 80 miles of US-89. 
  • Try out the Centennial Scenic Byway, which extends 163 miles from Pinedale to Dubois, and if you need more ideas, be sure to check this article out for the best scenic drives in Wyoming.