The Natural Phenomenon In Wyoming That Must Be Seen To Be Believed

In case you haven’t noticed, Wyoming has been pretty frigid these days. In fact, this winter has already broken records in terms of lowest temperatures that the state has experienced. According to the National Weather Service in Riverton, some areas of the state, such as Rock Springs, saw biting temperatures of minus 44 degrees.

Meanwhile, other areas of the state are showing signs of these extreme times. Staying true to its name, Old Faithful continues to erupt regularly; however, instead of blasting hot water into the air, it’s producing clouds of snow. Here’s more on this bizarre natural phenomenon:

As you watch, notice how the snow clouds continue to rise, reaching heights of 180 feet in the air.

What did you think of the below footage? Isn’t it phenomenal? For anyone who’d like to see more of this activity, check out the Old Faithful Live Stream set up by the National Parks Service.