Winter Is Actually The Best Time Of Year To Visit Wyoming’s World Famous Yellowstone National Park

Most Wyomingites avoid the National Parks from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The crowds and the traffic turn most summertime trips into a challenge for locals. While many people plan their park trips in September or October to enjoy some warm weather, Yellowstone is actually the ideal National Park to visit in Wyoming winter.

Yellowstone is such a breathtaking National Park to visit in Wyoming, no matter what the season. For everything you need to plan your winter trip, visit the Yellowstone National Park website. If you’re looking for information about winter trips and excursions, visit the Yellowstone Lodge Adventures website, here. If you want to learn about some awesome places to stay while you adventure in Wyoming, this article will help!

Address: Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190, USA
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National Park To Visit In Wyoming

February 11, 2022

How much snowfall does Wyoming get each year?

Wyoming can be a pretty snowy state, but with its size, averaging out the snowfall can lead to misinformation depending on what part you are in. In the East where the elevation is higher, snowfall can ranger from about 60-70 inches a year, mostly between November and May. However, in the Southwest area where it is more dry and there is less elevation, the average is closer to 45-55 inches. There are storms on average about five times a year that drop around five inches at once, and rarely a really big storm can leave over a foot of snow behind, but this is quite uncommon. Wyoming can be quite a windy state though, so even lower amounts of total snowfall can still lead to less than ideal conditions.

What was the biggest snowfall in Wyoming?

Over the fourth and fifth of April 1955, Sheridan Wyoming saw one of the largest blizzards that is on record to this day. The intense blizzard lasted a little over 43 hours in total and 39 inches of snow fell during this time, trapping many people in their homes for days on end. This level of blizzard was unexpected in volume, length, and odd for how late in the year it occurred. No storm to this level has happened in Wyoming since. To read more about this blizzard, take a look at this article.

What are the best outdoor activities in winter in Wyoming?

Wyoming has so many fun winter activities that are perfect for the whole family! You can choose from dog sledding, sleigh rides, skiing, snowmobiling, and any other winter sport your heart desires. Or if you are looking for a bit more of a laid back adventure, visit one of the states many impressive hot springs for a relaxing soak and invigorating run back to the locker room.

Address: Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190, USA