11 Things Wyomingites Do That Seem Insane To Everyone Else

People in Wyoming march to the beat of a different drum — and we prefer it that way. Some may even say we’re a little odd. But come on, we know we’re the normal ones! Living in Wyoming just develops a certain sort of character; everything we do makes perfect sense to us. But, according to outsiders looking in, here are some things Wyomingites do that seem insane to anyone who hasn’t lived out here.

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What are some other things Wyomingites do that seem insane to everyone else? Leave your quirks of Wyomingites in the comments below!

Address: Wyoming, USA
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things Wyomingites do that seem insane

March 02, 2021

What are the most unique places in Wyoming?

Some of the oddest places in Wyoming will leave you scratching your head. No matter how many times I walk the Yellowstone boardwalks, this place where the ground bubbles, steams, and sizzles never fails to blow my mind. Odd landmarks can be found all over the state, from the Wapiti Big Boy, to the odd Smith Mansion, to the Ames Pyramid that stands in the middle of nowhere. If you’re interested in visiting a unique town in Wyoming, head to Atlantic City, where you’ll find a community that’s made it’s way in the heart of a ghost town and draws in visitors thanks to two amazing steakhouses and a location on the Continental Divide Trail.

Is Wyoming a great place to live?

For many people, there’s no better place to settle down than the Cowboy State! If you love outdoor adventure and can handle a quiet, small-town life, living in Wyoming might be your dream come true. Summer days are filled with hiking, boating, and camping. Winter means snowmobiling, skiing, ice climbing, and hiding from the most brutal weather.

What are Wyomingites known for?

Wyomingites are known for being pretty tough. It’s not always easy living in a place where the wind can knock you over if you aren’t paying attention! The lack of services outside of town means that most of us known how to change a tire or pull out a car that’s stuck in the snow, and we don’t worry too much about emergencies because we’re always prepared. We’re also known for being a state full of people who enjoy hard work, and working together. Lazy people don’t last out here! Most of all, though, Wyomingites are known for being adventurous folk who are always up to try something new.

Address: Wyoming, USA