9 Foods Every Wyomingite Craves When They Leave Wyoming

It’s hard to leave Wyoming. Our state is truly unlike anywhere else in the country in so many ways. People are few and far between, wildlife is everywhere, and wilderness is abundant. Sometimes, though, life has a different plan for a born-and-raised Wyomingite, and you may one day find yourself traveling far from home. Whether your move is temporary or long-term, soon you’ll realize that one thing you truly miss about the Cowboy State are these iconic Wyoming foods.

What’s your favorite Wyoming dish? If you’re looking for great soda bread and steak options, the iconic Cavalryman Steakhouse is the best place to visit! It’s in the heart of the state – Laramie – and so worth the drive. Read more about The Timeless Wyoming Restaurant That Everyone Needs To Visit At Least Once here.