While tourists flock to Yellowstone in the winter to see the magnificent thermal features and sled all around the place, Wyomingites head to Thermopolis for their winter excursions. In this charming and historic town, you can escape the brutally cold winter air by soaking in relaxing and rejuvenating mineral hot springs. Hot Springs State Park in Wyoming is all the rage among the locals – come see why:

You can learn more about the Hot Springs State Park soaking pools at the Star Plunge or Hellies Tepee Pool websites. Be sure to check in with the park if the weather is looking questionable, and be safe in your travels!

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Hot Springs State Park in Wyoming

Are there many natural hot springs in Wyoming I can soak in? 

Wyoming is home to plentiful natural hot springs, many of which are within a reasonable temperature range for soaking and relaxation. Sure, some get a little bit too hot (like, boiling hot), but others are perfectly pleasant year-round. Obviously, there’s Hot Spring State Park, which features free indoor and outdoor soaking pools. There’s also the frighteningly-named Boiling Hot Springs, at Yellowstone National Park, which is open to soaking. Though they’re not literally boiling, you’ll want to wade around to find the perfect temperature for you. We also love the “Hobo Pool” in Saratoga, which is always open and always free. We’re also fans of Hellie’s TeePee Pools, in Thermopolis, and Star Plunge, also in Thermopolis (it’s almost as if Thermopolis was named for its various thermal pools nearby). Astoria Hot Springs is a good one, too, though it’s in the northwestern area of the state. For some more ideas, check out this article – though you’re not exactly able to soak in those ones, they’re still breathtaking (perhaps even more so because they’re “forbidden”), and well worth a visit on their own.  

What are the best hot springs resorts in Wyoming?  

Where there are hot springs, there are hot springs resorts, and Wyoming is no exception. Many times, resorts are built up around the hot springs in question; Wyoming is home to plenty of them, each worthy of a visit for its own reasons. For example, while in Saratoga checking out “Hobo Pool”, you might also want to look into the Saratoga Resort and Spa, which has a wonderful, 70-foot natural springs pool and several smaller soaking pools. We’re also big fans of Granite Hot Springs, which is more a camp than a resort, but worth mentioning all the same.  

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