When the Cloud Peak Wilderness was established in 1984, it set aside nearly 200,000 acres of pristine vehicle-free wilderness for hikers and campers to enjoy. To this day, many consider a trek through Cloud Peak to be the best hike near Buffalo, Wyoming, no matter which trail you end up taking. One exciting and fairly short trail starts off at the Circle Park trailhead and takes you to see two scenic alpine lakes: Sherd Lake and Long Lake of Wyoming.

You’ll soon understand why many consider the trek to Sherd Lake and Long Lake to be the best hike near Buffalo, Wyoming! Head out for a day in the woods… and don’t forget your bear spray!

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Long Lake, Wyoming

What else is there to do near Buffalo, Wyoming?

This part of the state is rich in both beauty and history. Besides exploring Wyoming lakes in this area, you can also enjoy this area by swimming, eating well, horseback riding, drinking local brews, visiting museums, and camping. Check out this post that tells about some of the activities you and your companions might enjoy in Buffalo: There’s a Reason This Little Town Is A Favorite Of Wyoming Natives And You’ll Love It Too

What other lakes are there to see and hike to in the Cloud Peak Wilderness?

If you like Sherd Lake and Long Lake in Wyoming, then you'll love Willow Lake also. This is one of the bluest and clearest lakes in Wyoming. It's an eight mile round-trip hike but it's well worth it!  Learn more about it here: This Hidden Lake In Wyoming Has Some Of The Bluest Water In The State

Can you recommend some other hikes in the Bighorn National Forest area in general?

The Bighorn National Forest is beautiful and massive. There are countless trails here that you will love. You might enjoy a trip out to Shell Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the state at 120 feet tall. Or you might like taking a hike to Crazy Woman Canyon, a spot that is vastly different than anywhere else in the state. Also, Bighorn National Forest is absolutely breathtaking in the fall! There is so much to see and do in Bighorn National Forest - you might as well come back to this area year after year!

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