The Hike To This Gorgeous Wyoming Swimming Hole Is Everything You Could Imagine

Wyomingites only get a few weeks of true summer weather, so it’s important to plan out your adventures when you can! If you’re looking to find a great place for hiking and wading, head to Bridger-Teton National Forest to enjoy a swimming hole hike you will love.

You can find the Green River Trailhead in a few ways – look at AllTrails for many of the options. Most people hike from the campgrounds, and walk to the end of the lake and back. That way, it’s only about four miles, with plenty of spots to take in the stunning beauty of the forest. You’ll find the campground at Bridger Teton National Forest, Forest Rd 650, Cora, WY 82925, and can get information here. As always, this is Wyoming, so carry bear spray and consider a ritual sacrifice to the Mosquito gods before heading out.

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