Some Of The World’s Most Legendary Prehistoric Finds Have Been Unearthed At This Wyoming Park

Around 30 miles south of Newcastle, Wyoming there’s an unassuming little ranch that has become a major draw for paleontologists and amateur dinosaur hunters alike.

At first glance, the area looks just like any other spot on the high plains of the Cowboy State but, until about 20 years ago, it was hiding a secret millions of years old. In 1998, the ground started giving up its hidden treasures, giving Wyoming and the world some of the most legendary finds from the Cretaceous era to be unearthed anywhere. What’s more, scientists and civilians are still finding prehistoric artifacts at the ranch – now a park – every day.

Have you gone dinosaur hunting at Paleo Park? Did you find anything surprising or significant?

What other Wyoming places are treasure-troves of prehistoric fossils and bones?