The Small Town In Wyoming That’s One Of The Coolest In The U.S.

We all know that Wyoming stands out in many ways from the other 49 states but did you know that we hold one more distinction? We are home to one of the coolest small towns in the United States. If you don’t believe me, just ask the residents of this tiny town in northwestern Wyoming.

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Address: Meeteetse, WY 82433, USA

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coolest small town in Wyoming

December 29, 2020

What are the best little known towns in Wyoming?

Some of the best small towns in Wyoming include Buffalo, Sundance, Sheridan and Lander. Each town brings something new to visitors! Buffalo is surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, Sundance is home to history and the best winter festival in the state, Sheridan might be the most haunted small town in Wyoming, and Lander is a charming spot that’s close to the remarkable Sinks Canyon State Park. No matter where you spend time in Wyoming, though, you’re sure to love the small town feel you find. Even our biggest cities are small communities where everybody seems to know everybody else.

What are the best day trips in Wyoming?

Some of the coolest day trip destinations in Wyoming are our state parks! Hot Springs State Park and Sinks Canyon State Park are two particularly popular spots for nature lovers and adventurers. Hot Spring State Park, in Thermopolis, shows off the world’s largest mineral hot springs. Sinks Canyon is where the Middle Popo Agie river actually disappears underground, only to appear downstream coming up from the Earth. If you’re looking for a woodsier day trip, consider a day hike through Bighorn National Forest or Shoshone National Forest.

What are the best candy shops in Wyoming?

Wyoming is a great place to be if you have a sweet tooth! It’s hard to top the Meeteetse Chocolatier! The truffles made at this small town chocolate shop are famous all over the world, and the shop got its start when a Cowboy was trying to raise funds for a new saddle. In other areas of teh state, Donells Candies in Casper makes tasty chocolates, caramels, and serves up ice cream. Cafe Genevieve in Jackson makes “pig candy”, or candied bacon, that’s a hit with anyone who loves bacon and sweets.

Address: Meeteetse, WY 82433, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.