This Hike Through The Clouds Will Give You The Absolute Best Views In Wyoming

One of the best hikes in Wyoming is also one of the toughest, but you’ll find the views along the way to be worth the effort. Hiking into the Winds through the Cirque of the Towers is an experience you won’t soon forget.

This is a heavily traveled trail, so you’ll have plenty of company out in the wilderness. That being said, it is a remote trailhead (so be sure you have a full tank before driving out here) and it is a hike that requires some experience. If you’re new to outdoor adventure, bring along a friend who can help you navigate using cairns and who can push you to continue on when your legs feel like jelly. Microspikes, bear spray, and a bear can (rather than a bag) are useful to have with you. You may encounter clouds of mosquitos, so douse yourself in bug spray for protection. Certain times of year, you’ll need mosquito netting, too. You can find some more advice from hikers and a full trail map at AllTrails.

If the Cirque of the Towers Trail seems a little too challenging, there are plenty of other beautiful hikes to experience in Wyoming. Check our list of 14 Easy Hikes To Add To Your Outdoor Bucket List In Wyoming and see which ones appeal to you!

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