The Most Wyoming Town Ever And Why You Need To Visit

When you think of Wyoming, images of the wild, wild west may come to mind. Sure, we’ve got all sorts of modern technology, but this is still probably the state with the fewest cell phones per capita 😉

When you’re looking to escape the touristy, urban side of Wyoming and see what it was truly like back in the day, there’s one town that will show off the best of our state’s heritage, history and beautiful western culture. Of course, I’m talking about Buffalo!

If you’re looking forward to visiting the most Wyoming town ever, you might want to read up on the town’s most famous hotel. The Occidental Hotel (and the attached Virginian Restaurant) is one of the most iconic buildings in the State. Before you make your reservation, though, keep in mind you might not be sleeping alone! The Occidental Hotel is one of the most haunted places in Wyoming – read more about it here.