This Creepy Ghost Town In Wyoming Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Wyoming’s history is littered with stories of the Wild West, and how gold rushes and oil booms caused towns to grow, and in time, bust. Ghost towns often come to mind when you think of the history of the Cowboy State, and any Wyoming explorer has certainly stumbled upon some out here on the prairie. The picture that pops into your head is the town that springs up out of the desert and then becomes abandoned for one reason or another, usually because the winds of fortune have shifted elsewhere. Here is one creepy ghost town in Wyoming that has a mysterious and fascinating past.

Any visitor will immediately notice the town’s sad secret – the cemeteries. There are several graveyards in Gebo, and the majority of the graves are the final resting spots of children and infants. Life on the prairie was difficult, and without access to healthcare or modern medical technology, younger Wyomingites often lived short lives. That doesn’t mean they’ve completely left, though. In fact, people have reported hearing a crying baby and voices from dismembered bodies making this a ghost town in the literal sense. Visitors generally experience feelings of uneasiness throughout the town.

Gebo isn’t the only ghost town in Wyoming. Check out Visit These 10 Creepy Ghost Towns In Wyoming At Your Own Risk for other ghost towns in the state.

Address: Gebo, WY 82443, USA
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October 14, 2020

Are there any haunted hotels in Wyoming?

Wyoming’s past is pretty wild, and it’s not surprising that some of our oldest hotels may be hosting some spirits of their own. The Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, once a brothel, has earned a reputation for being a haunted spot to grab a drink or settle down for the night. The historic Sheridan Inn is also a spooky spot, and the world famous Old Faithful Inn likes to brag about the spirits that found their hospitality so welcoming, they never wanted to leave.

What are the best little known ghost towns in Wyoming?

If you’re looking to explore a ghost town that’s off the beaten path, Kirwin and Gebo are both suitable spots! Kirwin was once a gorgeous getaway, and even Amelia Earhart was building a vacation home here. When an avalanche wrecked the town and took several lives, most residents packed up and left.

Can I visit any abandoned places in Wyoming?

There are many abandoned places scattered throughout the Wyoming prairie, and our old mining ghost towns are often open to visitors. South Pass City and Atlantic City are two that immediately come to mind, but if you don’t mind doing a little exploring, Kirwin and Gebo make for impressive day trip destinations.




Address: Gebo, WY 82443, USA