Here Are The 9 Strangest Rock Formations In Wyoming You Have To See To Believe

Wyoming is full of strange and wonderful sights. The unique rock formations scattered around the state are just one example. It’s true we have some pretty amazing mountain ranges in Wyoming, but some of our smaller natural stone creations are so peculiar that they rival even the Grand Tetons as attractions in their own right. Here is a sampling of some of the strangest rock formations in Wyoming. Some are more well-known than others, but they all have to be seen to be believed.

What other odd rock formations have you seen around Wyoming? Tell us about your favorites in the comments!

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Wyoming Rock Formations

May 25, 2022

What are some really cool, big Wyoming rock formations?  

Ah, Wyoming: a geology enthusiast’s dream. There are so many interesting Wyoming rock formations that some folks make entire road trips out of exploring them. Of course, there are too many to mention in one paragraph, but some of the largest, most impressive rock formations in Wyoming include – of course – the famed Devil’s Tower, an astonishingly fascinating, 1,627-foot monolith of a butte made by igneous (volcanic) rocks. Fossil Butte National Monument is another fascinating place for geology nerds; the rock formations here include hundreds of amazing fossils from all sorts of ancient critters, most of whom are long extinct. It’s a treat to visit no matter what, but especially if this kind of thing is your passion.  

Where are some interesting, strange rock formations in Wyoming?  

Like we mentioned above, Wyoming is the perfect place for geologists and nature enthusiasts to admire some of its most spectacular works of art, including rock formations and geological wonders. Some of the rock formations in Wyoming that we’re big fans of are wonders like Heart Mountain, which is 8,123 feet tall and up to 400 million years old. It’s quite unusual for the landscape it’s surrounded by, as it juts out of Bighorn Basin and seems to stick out.  

What big rock formation in Wyoming is the most interesting?  

If we had to pick, we couldn’t! Interesting is subjective, but boy, there are so many amazing rock formations in Wyoming that are nothing short of utterly fascinating. Other than the ones listed above, there are plenty more! Check out Boar’s Tusk, which sticks out of the otherwise open plains and is, quite literally, the core of a long-extinct volcano. The peak is 6,808 feet high, and it’s quite the sight! And then, 40 miles west of Casper, there’s a remote landscape that looks like something from another planet thanks to its big rock formations: Hell’s Half Acre, which is 320 acres of weird-looking formations, caves, and more. You can’t miss it.