The Very First Road In Wisconsin Still Exists And Its History Is Captivating

Back before Wisconsin was a state, many unofficial trails and roads have been used to connect the small towns that dotted the state’s landscape. For hundreds of years, Native American trails were the most abundant in Wisconsin, linking their villages with rivers and creeks as well as leading to hunting grounds. It was an extensive network connecting the major needs of society. Those trails served as the earliest road in Wisconsin. They were dirt roads that had been worn away by frequent use. As the state was looking to charter and become official and cities were formed, it became necessary to put the energy into creating actual roads that could be used frequently regardless of weather. The dirt roads would become muddy and rutted and were too difficult to travel. Not only could simple carriages not travel the roads, but farmers could not get their goods to market.

Have you driven down this famous and historical spot?

If you love state history, you should plan to take this great road trip that goes to some of the best historical sites in all of Wisconsin.