The Underappreciated County In Wisconsin That’s Home To 1,001 Heavenly Lakes

Our neighbor to the west touts their 10,000 lakes, but here in Wisconsin we know our beauty speaks for itself and we don’t have to make it a tagline. We’ve got more than 15,000 lakes and if you know where to look, you can find areas that are positively chock full of lakes of all different shapes and sizes. Most of our fabulous lakes are the product of the last Ice Age, known as the Wisconsin Glaciation. About 12,000 years ago when the glaciers moved through, they left behind tons of craters in the land which were soon filled with the melting ice. Though there are lakes all over the state, there’s one spot that is positively teeming with them. Lakefront property abounds, as does the opportunity to get out on and in the lakes to have an absolute blast. If you’re looking for lakes in Wisconsin, you absolutely have to head to Vilas County.

The county maintains a fabulous lake grid that you absolutely have to check out. There’s more information in these four pages than you could ever hope to have.

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