This Pizzeria Serves The Very Best Wisconsin Style Pizza Around

It may be much less well-known then pizza from some other, not as awesome places, but Wisconsin-style pizza is definitely a thing. It starts with a yeasty, but cracker-thin crust and it ends being cut up into squares and it results in a delicious and uniquely Wisconsin food.

The story goes that two Italian immigrants brought pizza to Wisconsin after World War II. They were from different parts of the country and thus had different pizza traditions. They combined the two and thus Wisconsin pizza was born. The idea of pizza caught on quickly and bars realized that a small pizza oven was a small investment but paid dividends to be able to offer their patrons hot food. Those early spots copied what was happening at that first pizza joint, so they cut the pizza into rectangles and the “tavern cut” pizza was born.

Joe Jo’s Pizza is located at 10420 Wisconsin 42, Ephraim, WI 54234.

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