13 Silly Sayings That Will Only Make Sense If You’re From Wisconsin

For some reason, Wisconsinites seem to be the most in denial about the way we speak. Every state and region has it’s own vernacular and the Dairy State is no different. We’re rather polite and we like to shorten words. We add “hey” to the end of most any sentence to indicate it was in fact a question and we tend to be rather nasally in our deliver, especially of vowels. We don’t like hearing it, but there’s no denying that we Wisconsinites have a bit of a funny way of talking. Here are 13 ways that you can immediately tell someone is from around these parts:

What other words or phrases do people use that you immediately pick out as being uniquely Wisconsin? We want to hear about it in the comments! Speaking of Wisconsin words and phrases, if you want to prove you belong here, you should know how to pronounce these words!

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