This Wisconsin Mailboat is One of the Last in the World and You Can Ride It

Lake Geneva is a resort town in the southeastern part of Wisconsin. The lakeshore is dotted with large mansions that help tell a story of a time gone by. For 101 years, mail to these lakefront homes has been delivered by mail boat and a small team of “mail jumpers”. At first a necessity because of the local roads, now it’s a bit of a novelty.

There are only a few mailboats left worldwide and Lake Geneva’s is the only one who delivers the letters and parcels using mail jumpers. Every year teenagers try out to spend their summer hopping on and off the boat to deliver mail on the piers. The boat never stops, making this a rather treacherous mail delivery system.

A circuit of the lake, Wisconsin’s second deepest, takes about 2.5 hours and Lake Geneva Cruise Lines has turned the mail delivery ride into a passenger cruise. The jumpers narrate the trip, telling you all about the stately homes that line the lakeshore – all while making sure the homes get their daily mail.

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