18 Things People From Wisconsin Always Have To Explain To Out Of Towners

If you’re like most Wisconsinites, every time you travel or have folks in for a visit, they have a ton of questions about what it’s like to live in Wisconsin — especially in the winter. Living in Wisconsin can be a pretty unique and awesome experience, especially if you adore magical landscapes, friendly locals, and fantastic cheese. Nonetheless, there are some persisting stereotypes about Wisconsin… and we locals aren’t afraid to discuss them. Here are some of the things Wisconsinites always have to explain to folks not from ’round these parts:

There are many stereotypes about Wisconsin, but we locals aren’t afraid to put you in your place about proper pronunciation of cherished words. We’re absolutely grateful for our cheese selection, and we love a good tailgating cookout. We also unashamedly adore our state, and these quirky traits make it a particularly magical place to live. How many of these things have you had to explain to people who aren’t from around here? Share your experiences in the comments!

Love living here in The Badger State? You’re not alone, and we locals also rank among the most patriotic in the nation.

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Stereotypes About Wisconsin

January 19, 2020

What are some interesting things about Wisconsin?

Welcome to The Badger State, an underappreciated slice of paradise hiding in the unsuspecting Great Lakes region. There are many interesting things about Wisconsin, like the origin of our aforementioned nickname, for example. In the midst of the local mining boom, immigrants and transplants alike flooded to lead-rich regions like Mineral Point and often camped in the holes they dug… yes, like badgers.

What are Wisconsinites known for?

The most obvious perk of living in Wisconsin is our devotion to (and love of) quality cheese. They truly don’t call us America's Dairyland for nothing! One thing you may not know, however, is that we’re home to the world's oldest racetrack in consistent use. If you share our need for speed, we recommend a visit to a one-mile long go-kart track called US Air Motorsports.

What is the most popular Wisconsin stereotype?

Perhaps the most well-known stereotype about Wisconsinites is our adoration of our home state. Though America’s Dairyland may not sound glamorous, it’s home, it’s gorgeous, and we love it here!