Not Many Know About This Exotic Animal Sanctuary Right Here In Wisconsin

Valley of the Kings is a membership-only sanctuary located south of Lake Geneva near the Illinois border in Sharon, WI. They provide a permanent home for abused, abandoned, retired, and injured animals. They mostly have members of the large cat family, but a few other animals always seem to find their way in to the mix.

Supporting the animals and allowing them to live their lives out in comfort is their main goal. But that’s expensive, so they rely on memberships to their sanctuary for support. A family membership is $100 for six months and includes everyone in the household. Members are also allowed to bring up to three guests when they visit. For comparison, a family of four visiting the Milwaukee County Zoo a single time, with parking, would be $64.

The best part about the sanctuary is that they invite you to help. Make your visit a working visit and help with whatever project is being undertaken at the time to help the sanctuary be as successful as possible.


Have you ever been lucky enough to visit Valley of the Kings? Tell us about it in the comments!

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