You Can Make Your Own Cheesehead On This Wisconsin Factory Tour

Once upon a time folks from down below us – oops, I mean down there in Illinois – decided they’d derisively make fun of Wisconsinites and call us Cheeseheads. Being the laid-back, easy-going folks we are, we didn’t really see it as an insult. We took it in stride and turned it around. Heck yeah, we’re Cheeseheads and proud of it!

One smart cookie on Milwaukee’s south side decided he needed a chapeau to proclaim his birthright as a Cheesehead and an iconic Wisconsin item was born. The company is called Foamation and you can visit to see how Cheeseheads are made and on one awesome tour, make your own piece of cheese-wear.

The Original Cheesehead Foamation Store and Factory is located at 1120 S Barclay St., Milwaukee, WI 53204. You can learn more about this iconic and amazing local company and schedule a tour right on their website or by visiting their Facebook page.

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