This Wisconsin Movie Theater is Also a Brewery And You Have To Visit

The best thing that’s happened to movie-going is the trend toward bigger seats and more extensive menus. No longer do you have to make a meal of overpriced popcorn — there are plenty of spots now with full menus and great options that make going to the movies a full experience. You don’t have to plan dinner somewhere ahead of time and hope you get the timing right, you just have to go to the theater and you’re good to go. Now there’s a place in Madison that’s taken that concept and made it even better. Now you don’t even have to head somewhere afterward for a few drinks with friends. Flix Brewhouse in Madison is a brewery combined with a movie theater. There’s beer brewed right on site. It’s basically the perfect marriage of all the things you used to go to three different places to get on a night out to the movies. What could be better?

Flix Brewhouse Madison is located at 85 E Towne Mall, Madison, WI 53704. You can learn more about this awesome spot and find showtimes on their website or head over to their Facebook page.