You’ll Absolutely Love A Ride On Wisconsin’s Majestic Baraboo Hills Train This Summer

If you want to experience a bit of magic, take a ride on a vintage railway. A century ago, a trip like this represented both ordinary life and extraordinary progress. It was a golden era, a time when people dreamed about a future filled with technology, opportunity, and convenience, and a simple stretch of train tracks presented unlimited possibility. It’s still a special ride and a Sauk County museum has your ticket. Just head to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum and enjoy a trip on a vintage train through one of the most scenic areas of Wisconsin. Here’s what’s waiting for you on the train.

Learn more about train rides, ticks and schedules on the Mid-Continent Railway Museum website. If you enjoy riding the rails, here are some more amazing trips in Wisconsin that you can take by train.

Address: Mid-Continent Railway Museum, E8948 Museum Rd, North Freedom, WI 53951, USA