The Magical Place In Wisconsin Where You Can View A Wild Bison Herd

There was a time when wild bison roamed freely in Wisconsin, but it was a very long time ago. The last two bison east of the Mississippi River were shot and killed in 1832, 16 years before Wisconsin was a state. But there’s still a place in Wisconsin where wild bison roam, and you can see these majestic creatures in a gorgeous natural habitat. Just head to the Trumpeter Trail in the Sandhill Wildlife Area – you’ll get an amazing look at what was once commonplace in Wisconsin.

The Trumpeter Trail is open from sunrise to sunset, mid-April or May through the end of October. The road isn’t plowed in the winter but when there’s enough snow it can be a pleasant place to do some cross-county skiing. Learn more about the property on the state Department of Natural Resources website. Once you’ve taken in some incredible views of bison, head about an hour south to see the largest crane observatory in the United States.

Address: Sandhill State Wildlife Area, 1715 County Hwy X, Babcock, WI 54413, USA