The Scenic Wisconsin Trail That Follows A Historic Military Road

Years before Wisconsin was a state, the United States spent $12,000 building a road through the Wisconsin Territory, linking Fort Howard in Green Bay with Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, passing through Fond du Lac, Portage (Fort Winnebago), and Dodgeville. It wasn’t a good road by modern standards, but it was a lot better than nothing. The 234-mile road was pretty rough, and it was swampy and even underwater during some times of the year. In some spots, there were large stumps impeding the passage of wagons. But it was the start of overland travel in Wisconsin, and it marked the start of a system of road travel that continues today.

Traces of the Old Military Road remain, and on one scenic trail, you can even travel it on two wheels. The Military Ridge State Trail is a destination that attracts thousands of cyclists every year – here’s why.

A state trail pass is required for bicycling and in-line skating on the Military Ridge State Trail. Learn more about the trail on the state Department of Natural Resources website. After riding this scenic trail in Wisconsin, there are a lot of other adventures you can experience in the area, including this amazing trip underground.

Address: Military Ridge State Trail, 4350 Mounds Park Rd, Blue Mounds, WI 53517, USA